Kilimanjaro Scenic Flight by Ruka Africa

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

More than 20,000 people climb Mount Kilimanjaro every year, but few among them understand the landmark's significance to Tanzania. As a World Heritage site, Kilimanjaro is more than just a peak to climb - and that's what makes Ruka Africa's scenic flights so unique. Every flight includes a custom guided tour, delivered with Bose noise-canceling headphones through an app developed and written by the Ruka team. Thanks to geolocation technology, the app follows the flight in real time, allowing guests to hear stories relevant to the landmarks below. Discover the history of Arusha City, learn what makes Arusha National Park so diverse, and understand the unique geographical circumstances that allow Mount Kilimanjaro to exist.
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The roughly one-hour experience over the "Roof of Africa" offers a chance to see Tanzania from a new perspective while enlightening flyers to the history, culture and geography of East Africa in a way that leaves guests with a deep understanding of the region.

Ruka Africa is not a direct air carrier and all flights are operated by TCAA licensed direct air carriers.
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This Escape Is For

  • Travelers who want to learn more about Tanzanian landmarks and history in a unique way.
  • Friends or couples looking for something memorable to do together.
  • Travelers who have already climbed Kilimanjaro and are seeking something new.
  • Travelers who don't have the time to climb Kili but want to see the "Roof of Africa" up close.

What Else To Know

  • Secure your seat without requiring a private flight.
  • Experience your flight with a custom tour guided by geolocation.
  • Fly over giraffes, zebras or even wildebeest from a unique vantage point.
  • Soar over Mount Kilimanjaro without requiring weeks-long acclimatization.

Ruka Africa's Values

Ruka Africa proves that scenic flights can be sustainable. The team works hard to minimize its noise and carbon footprint of its flights by following patterns that avoid noise-sensitive areas and by working with organizations like Carbon Tanzania to protect local forest ecosystems. The company also cuts down on emissions by offering single seats on regularly schedule flights, rather than catering to private requests regardless of how empty the plane may be.

As a local company, Ruka Africa has also created jobs, brought revenue to the local community, and elevated efforts to protect the surrounding environment.
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