32 Bloggers Leading the Way Toward More Mindful Travel


Mindful travel is a growing post-pandemic trend that encourages a slower pace and a present mind. Mindfulness itself starts with a commitment to stay in the moment, but the travel movement is going much further, encompassing sustainability, wellness, and mental health.

The bloggers on this list encourage thoughtful, meaningful and considerate travel that not only refreshes the mind with a new perspective, but leaves a positive impact on the communities visited. It’s worth noting that we selected these bloggers independently, based on our own ideas of mindful travel. 

We also recognize that many bloggers transcend our categories: many Bloggers of Color we feature are also journalists, media personalities and lifestyle bloggers. We can say the same for Sustainable Foodies. And, of course, Traveling Couples are comprised of unique and interesting individuals. We added these categories to make the list easier to read, but we recognize the limitations of labels. We hope you can look past that and find some inspiring new favorites to follow.

Sustainable Foodies

Voyaging Herbivore

Follow Jack and Alysa, the couple making their way across the globe — slowly, ethically and sustainably. Bookmark their blog for practical itineraries, resources and city guides, including a full section of vegan eating guides.

Travel For Wildlife 

Travel For Wildlife promotes the idea that wildlife tourism need not be environmentally damaging. Run by zoologist Cristina Garcia and her husband, wildlife photographer, Hal Brindley, the blog has genuinely practical resources and how-to guides for responsible travel, particularly regarding ethical wildlife tourism.  


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Seaside with Emily 

Emily, a Toronto-based blogger with Portugese roots, started her blog to help fellow travelers explore the world with minimal environmental impact through cuisine and culture. As the name suggests, the blog focuses on sustainable seafood with a whole section devoted to supply chains, fisheries and the nitty-gritty of eating sustainably from the sea. 

Earth Wanderess

Swedish blogger Evelina Utterdahl champions minimalism, veganism and outdoor travel with destination guides and personal stories from six continents — although she has recently quit flying to take an environmental stand.

Journalists + Photographers

Anywhere We Roam

It’s easy to get lost in the photography of Mark and Paul, the British duo behind Anywhere We Roam. The two like stepping off the beaten path, meeting locals, and sharing their experiences in a way that promotes better understanding of the local culture.

Genevieve Hathaway

We’re including Genevieve as a mild detour from travel blogging since she’s strictly a photographer, but we think you’ll find her images tell a thousand stories. Maintaining a truly global presence with bases in the Middle East, Seattle and Peru, her work offers a glimpse of everyday life in local communities throughout the world. Genevieve is also a partner with Tomorrow’s Air, an organization focused on clean air and carbon removal. 

The Wise Travellers 

One of our favorite blogs for rich photography and in-depth travel guides, The Wise Travellers is a well-designed resource for travelers who want honest, comprehensive information about a destination. Every guide is written with sustainability in mind.  

Roam with Rebecca

Environmental writer Rebecca Clarke pulls readers into some deep and urgent topics, from ecocide to climate resilience. Her portfolio showcases her work for publications like Treehugger and The Environmental Journal. 

Speck on the Globe

Journalist Abbie Synan has written for a long list of travel publications, from Globe & Mail to USA Today. Speck on the Globe is a more whimsical glimpse into her travels with fun lists like where to find Game of Thrones set locations, to the world’s best museums. 

The Altruistic Traveller 

The Altruistic Traveller is the blog of Bianca Caruana, a journalist, sustainability advocate, and podcast host who explores topics like community-based tourism, responsible volunteering, and ethical animal tourism.

Mindful Lifestyle Bloggers

Spin the Windrose 

Blogger Abbi Bishop began as a full-time traveler, and new readers will find much to explore in her destination guides and itineraries. But we also love this site for its commitment to sustainability and low-waste living, including tips for ambitious gardeners.  


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Every Steph 

Every Steph follows Stefania Guglielmi, a Bologna native currently based in Dubai, on her “green and glamorous” travels, from San Francisco to Lisbon. Steph shares tips, itineraries, and hotel recommendations to help her readers travel more sustainably — without sacrificing luxury. 

Karla Nomade 

Berlin-based blogger Karla Marageno has a passion for sustainable travel that’s infectious. Visit her blog for destination guides, practical tips, and motivation to try a little harder to go more slowly and thoughtfully on your next trip. 

Bamboo and Backpacks

Read Bamboo and Backpacks for itineraries, gift guides, safety tips, and travel inspiration. We also love their section of problems & solutions to sustainable living, and their “Eco Shop,” which has everything from water bottles to backpacks. 

Life Well Wandered

Life Well Wandered encourages readers to travel more deeply, respectfully, and mindfully. The blog also has a deep mental health focus, including advice and personal stories about managing mental health issues to live a more mindful life. 


The Mindful Mermaid 

Blogger Alexandra Schmidt started The Mindful Mermaid to help readers become more mindful in everyday life. She offers responsible travel tips, destination guides, and advice for sustainable living. 

Soul Travel Blog 

Follow the award-winning Soul Travel Blog for examples of positive-impact travel with a particular focus on India. Find tips for responsible river cruising, eco-friendly yoga retreats, and advice for solo travel among the extensive catalog of content. 

Traveling Couples

Sally Sees 

We love Sally’s mission to promote mindful travel “that doesn’t cost the Earth.” The Melbourne-based blogger and her partner Brayden share advice on how to travel more sustainably, kindly, and incidentally, less expensively. 


Not every sustainable blogger needs to label themselves as such, and that’s one thing we love about Scott and Cecilia, the Washington, DC-based couple behind Lovicarious. Their travels prove that adventures need not always involve an airplane, and supporting local vendors can feel just as inspiring as supporting those abroad. 

Justin Plus Lauren 

Toronto-based blogger Lauren Yakiwchuk and her partner Justin promote what they call “kind travel,” which refers to mindfulness toward people, animals and the planet. Find destination guides, practical resources, and even tips for the vegan-curious. 

Charlie on Travel 

UK-based travel bloggers Charlie and her life partner, Luke, are eco-conscious backpackers who inspire others to travel more slowly and sustainably. Browse their collection of green travel guides, find vegetarian restaurant recommendations, and learn how to travel through house-sitting. 


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The Crowded Planet 

The Crowded Planet humanizes the glamour of travel with authentic photos and personal stories by Margherita Ragg and Nick Burns, a globetrotting couple with a passion for ecotourism.  


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Two Dusty Travelers 

Emily and Aaron, the bloggers behind Two Dusty Travelers, encourage readers to “travel like it matters.” Their blog offers tips for travelers interested in voluntourism, ethical travel planning, and social issues.  


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Two Wandering Soles 

Minnesota natives Katie Diederichs and Ben Zweber show that it’s never too late to become immersed in travel. Neither had left the country before their 20s, and today they’ve written the book on seamless global travel. (Literally – you can download their eBook online.) The two write about van life, responsible travel, and working abroad.  

Practical Wanderlust

Lia and Jeremy, the team behind Practical Wanderlust, believe that travel is a “tool for connection, growth and positive impact.” They also believe travel doesn’t have to be perfect. Their whimsical site combines humor with practical information to help travelers feel more confident discovering the world. 


Nomadasaurus is as lighthearted as its name suggests, but Aussie duo Alesha Bradford and Jarryd Salem are serious about sustainability and mindful travel. Their Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Tourism is one of the most comprehensive online.

Boundless Bakers

Authenticity has become a buzzword, but it’s what we love most about Jessica Baker and her Boundless family. If you’ve ever been curious about what #rvlife is actually like, this blog offers a peek at day-to-day life on the road — and a new perspective on mindful living. The Bakers have criss-crossed the country, from the Pacific Coast to Main and back again with two small children and four cats. Read it all for the adventure and the advice.


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Bloggers of Color

Wayward Wayfarer 

Blogger Avantika Chaturvedi offers an authentic glimpse of South Asia with her personal travel stories and guides of India and Bhutan. She describes her travel style as “slow, solo and sustainable” as she covers remote regions not often explored by outside travelers. 

Oneika the Traveller 

A pioneer among travel bloggers, Oneika is the ultimate multi-hyphenate: She’s a TV personality. She’s a journalist. She runs a successful podcast. But beyond the standard titles, she’s an advocate for diversity in travel, and a voice for Black (and women) travelers. Her blog is a blend of mindful travel, politics, practical advice, and style.

Minority Nomad 

Vlogger Erick Prince is a champion of slow travel and an example of responsible global travel. His photo-centric travel blog offers a glimpse into his interactions with locals, and a look at everyday life for people across the world.


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Hey Ashley Renne

Ashley Renne dares her readers to live an “adventurously” green life with resources for eating vegan, traveling responsibly, and living sustainably. Follow for her personal essays as a Black traveler, recommendations for travel tech, and even practical financial advice — an often overlooked area of sustainable living.  


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O Christine 

Bronx-born Olivia Christine (“O” to friends and readers), an Afro-Latina blogger with lupus, encourages readers to travel for wellness and self-care. Her posts offer practical advice, travel safety, and wellness tips, along with travel guides spanning more than a dozen countries.

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