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Costa Rica

We all itch for a bit of surf and sun to help calm our winter blues. Mindful travelers who want to go somewhere tropical, laid-back, and eco-friendly may find their paradise in Costa Rica. With affordable tropical yoga and surf retreats, this growing destination has become a haven for a wide range of guests, from families to solo travelers. Whether you’re an expert surfer looking for a bit of zen on your next vacation, or you’re just tipping a toe in the waves, here are just a few of our favorite surf and yoga retreats in Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica surf retreat

Pura Vida Adventures

Pura Vida Adventures, featured on our list of top Mindful Travel Companies Led by Women, has been in existence for nearly two decades. Their all-inclusive week retreat will whisk you away to days filled with surfing and yoga, all while staying beachside, where you can wake up to the sound of the waves. It is luxurious and also eco-friendly—all of their spa products are made from natural ingredients, all locally sourced. 

Kalon Surf

Located in the south part of the country, immerse yourself in the rich culture, delicious local cuisine, and also experience the natural wonder of Costa Rica. For an all-inclusive week-long stay, you will have premier access to beaches just minutes away from your luxurious resort. With fewer crowds and more excellent beaches, you can bet on getting some quality time in the surf without all of the hustle and bustle of the tourists! This is one of the best surf and yoga retreats in Costa Rica for those who want quality time on the surf with no distractions. 

Anamaya Surf School

Perhaps better known for its yoga offerings, Anamaya also offers a specialty surf and yoga retreat designed for all abilities. For those who want to learn how to surf or have less experience, Anamaya’s Surf School retreat offers you an all-inclusive adventure to help you learn to surf, relax, and enjoy the beauty and warmth of Costa Rica. With this retreat, you will enjoy five surfing sessions and daily yoga to help you wake up and get ready for the day. This trip is focused on giving you the experience of a lifetime and teaching you how to surf on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. This really is a surf and yoga retreat in Costa Rica made for nearly every kind of traveler!

Shaka Beach Resort

Shaka Beach Resort offers another fantastic learn-to-surf retreat for those looking to get away and surf some Costa Rican waves. Best of all, you can fully immerse yourself in the Costa Rican daily routine. Wake up with some locally sourced fruit and granola, have some local barbeque and vegetables for dinner, and take part in daily yoga. This is one of our favorites, and it also allows you to participate in more thrilling activities like snorkeling and horseback riding!

The Guilded Iguana

Whether you are a surfing legend or a beginner, the Guilded Iguana offers something for everyone. Designed by surfers and for surfers, this retreat is designed in a unique format to allow you to really take advantage of the Costa Rican waves. Located close to Playa Guiones, you can take your surfboard and sign up for a lesson! Then, take a break and have a smoothie made with tropical fruit, or take a yoga class. This trip is designed to put you on the edge of paradise, and with premium access to one of the best beaches in Costa Rica, it is hard to imagine a better deal.  

Awaken Surf Camp at Rancho Delicioso

If you’re active and love surfing, yoga, and permaculture, then add this weeklong trip to your bucket list. Located on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, this surf-friendly is ideal for scoring great waves. The multi-faceted retreat allows you to step into various courses that cover eco-friendly living. You can even partake in their yoga classes on-site every morning. 

Surf Costa

For a trip indeed about relaxation and enjoyment, Surf Costa offers you all-inclusive yoga, massages, organic cooking and meals, and also meditation and eco-hikes. For a six-night seven, day stay, you can create a healthy, relaxing itinerary. They even offer a guided trip to Manuel Antonio National Park to bask in the natural world of Costa Rica. Best of all, there are several discounted options if you are considering traveling with a group. They offer opportunities for you to travel with up to eight people, and you can stay in the same accommodations together. Sign us up!

Keep Your Surf and Yoga Trip Eco-Friendly

Once you’ve booked your surf and yoga retreats, you might be wondering what some of the best tips to create an eco-friendly trip are. You likely already have booked a stay that will ensure some eco-friendliness, but here are some ideas to help you take advantage of the opportunity to be sustainable.

  • The first tip is to book a direct flight. Not only will this cut down on your waiting time before you arrive, but it will also lessen the carbon emissions that you might release from your trip.
  • You can also buy locally, which may turn out to be more cost-effective during your trip. This will be key during your trip to experience all that Costa Rica offers, support the local markets, and cut down on shipping costs. 
  • Finally, we also recommend bringing a reusable water bottle. In the heat of Costa Rica, you are likely going to find yourself to be thirstier than you have been back home! So prepare by packing your own reusable water bottle to save yourself some trouble and stay hydrated. Don’t forget to empty it before you board the plane!

Best of luck, and we can’t wait to see you on the waves or on the yoga mat soon!

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